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BIO: Eygpt 1978

Ahmed Keshta (Egypt, 1978) is an artist who represents the contemporary version of the archetypical Renaissance artist. He skillfully masters both, art and science, in works which seem to encapsulate the magic of alchemy and the universal order.


Keshta´s work is mostly autobiographical. Indeed, the abundance and variety of his personal experiences, together with his outstanding talent and observation skills allow him to create artworks whose extreme beauty thrills everyone regardless of their full understanding of the work. In fact, behind that innocent pulchritude lies and intricate meaning who just a few may decipher.





  • Born in 1978, Egypt.

  • 2002 BA Applied Arts Helwan University, Cairo.

  • Lives and works in Andorra.



 • 2016 Exhibition(First Step)Islamic Arts Festival 19th Edition, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah (Emiratos Arabe Unidos).

 • 2015 Exhibition(The Syrian Conflict) Jasmine´s Shroud, Fine Arts Museum of Castellón, Valencia, Spain.

 • 2014 Exhibition(MOYA Annuale 2014), Museum of young Art, Palais Schönborn, Vienna.

 • 2014 (Andorra Shopping Festival2014),Escaldes-Engordany (Principality of Andorra).

 • 2014 National Snow Sculpting Symposium, Grandvalira, Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig, Andorra.

 • 2014 International ART CAMP (Colors of the Planet),Ordino (Principality of Andorra).

 • 2014 International Snow Sculpting Symposium (AQQUA),Pas de la Casa, (Principality of Andorra).

 • 2014 Exhibition Mostra d'Art (Andorra La Vella).

 • 2013 1st Marble Symposium organized by Arabian Wings Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

 • 2013 Exhibition (1+1) Sala del Govern (Andorra La Vella).

 • 2013 Exhibition (art collections KAPSARC) Riyadh, (Saudi Arabia).

 • 2013 Exhibition Modern Art Young Artists,(Cairo).

 • 2013 5º Fine Art Festival, 35th Exhibition, Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art.

 • 2013 Exhibition (Art Books) JARDIN COSMIQUE ANDORRA, (Andorra).

 • 2012 Marble Symposium(SODIC 2nd Symposium) Cairo.

 • 2012 Exhibition 23rd Mostra d'Art (Andorra La Vella).

 • 2012 Exhibition Summer Collection Gallery MISR (Cairo).

 • 2012 Exhibition Contemporary Egyptian Art, Visual Art Center (Qatar).

 • 2011 4th Fine Arts Festival, 34th Exhibition, Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art.

 • 2010 Exhibition (ART and WATER) Andorrans Artists Collective,(Principality of Andorra).

 • 2009 3rd Fine Arts Festival, 33rd Exhibition, Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art.

 • 2009 Exhibition Andorrans Artists Collective, Art Center Escaldes-Engordany, AV. Carlemany,Andorra.

 • 2008 Exhibition YOUNG ARTISTS (El Mansour-DKAHLEIA) Eygpt.

 • 2008 Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art.

 • 2007 18th Youth Salon, Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

 • 2007 2nd Fine Arts Festival, 32nd Exhibition, Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art.

 • 2006 Arte Andorra (Principality of Andorra) Andorrans Artists Collective.

 • 2005 Cultural center ,La Massana, Principality of Andorra.

 • 2004 Exhibition  Sculpting Cairo Atelier (Rateb-Sedik).

 • 2004 Exhibition Fine Art, Cairo (Al-TAALAEH).

 • 2003 7th Annual Salon of Small Artwork, Cairo.

 • 2003 6th Annual Salon of Small Artwork, Cairo.

 • 2000 Exhibition Modern Sculpting, organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.




 • 2017 Exhibition (The Judgment of Maát)Ipsum Galería, Madrid(España.

 • 2015 Exhibition (Migrant Kites), Casa Árabe Cordoba, Spain.

 • 2015 Exhibition (Burned CD) Eugenio Trías Public Library, Madrid, Spain.

 • 2015 Exhibition (The Blanket) Casa Árabe Madrid, Madrid, Spain

 • 2014 Exhibition (Curs), M. Maria Exhibition Centre, Andorra La Vella. 

 • 2013 Exhibition (UTOPIA) Ministry of Culture Exhibition Centre, Andorra.

 • 2013 Exhibition (The Sixth Sense), Cairo, Egypt

 • 2011 Exhibition (Light´s Material), Embassy of Egypt in Paris, France.

 • 2010 Exhibition (Hymns), Embassy of Egypt in Paris, France.

 • 2009 Exhibition (Renaissance), Expometro Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

 • 2008 Exhibition (Side effects) Cairo Atelier, Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

 • 2007 Exhibition (FORMS), Palmero Museum, Barcelona, Spain.




 • Sharjah Cultural Affairs,Sharjah,Emiratos Arabe Unidos.

  • Casa Árabe Córdoba.

  • Palmero Museum, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Egyptian Museum of Modern Art, Cairo, Egypt.

  • Embassy of Egypt in Madrid, Spain.

  • Spanish Transport Ministry, Madrid, Spain.

  • Egyptian Cultural Centre, Paris, France.

  • Ministry of Culture of Andorra.

  • KAPSARC Collection, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • Makamat Collection, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • Arabian Wings Collection, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.



Keshta felt and early calling for sculpture, which he deliberately tried to ignore by pursuing Interior Architecture studies at Cairo. Nevertheless, despite of a brilliant academic career, that calling was so intense that he finally enrolled at Helwan University, Cairo, to study Applied Arts. Those studies took him to Europe, first to Germany, thanks to two fellowships by Goethe Institute, and then to Pietrasanta, Italy, where he learnt to carve granite from the great masters. His European tour finally led him to Andorra, where he actually lives and works. It was there, amid the gorgeous natural landscapes that surround him daily, that his art has experimented a radical shift from the heaviness and severity of granite carving to the flimsiness and flexibility of deeply emotional installations made up of light and humble materials.

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