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Museum of Fine Arts Castellon

06/10/2015 - 04/11/2015

  Are men able to recognize paradise when it is served to them?
Unfortunately, they were not in Syria, the land of Jasmine, the flower of beauty, purity and wellness, whose fragrance captivates and releases tension and pain of those who come closet to it. It was in Syria that GOD entrusted Muslims with Yanna and Christians with the Garden of Eden, turning them all into gardeners of a nirvana of beauty and poetry, of a Garden of Earthly Delights. This Installation  is Keshta´s personal vision of this Paradise of delicate  jasmine flowers that sadly became schizophrenic. Thus as opposed to the delicateness, softness and sensuality of the flowers, there is a rough and simple wooden man, a gardener with no sense at all who gets mad  when springs comes to his treasured land. This man could be a combatant from any of the factions who have turned and continued turning jasmines into bullets and their scents in an odor of blood and grape shot. When the so-called Arab spring came, the gardener, instead of helping Syria become a well-stocked garden, tragically mad and believing god, decides to give the garden a new form without determining which and without consulting the earth previously. And so it begins, in paradise, a chaos that has lasted for years, a net work of interests and conflicts that create a monstrous spider-web on eden, according to some to protect it and, in the opinion of others to destroy it. In any case, what now remains to destroy or save? A shroud that was born with the intention of becoming a soft blanket that covered the new earth and ended up being a shroud has buried the garden.
Who weaved? Was the gardener? If so, did he know It was paradise he had in his hand?
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