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Retiro Park, Eugenio Trías Public Library
Material: CD

01/03/2015 - 15/04/2015

Burned CD was a site-specific installation in the former menagerie (now public library) at Retiro Park, Madrid, transforming the space into a contradictory paradise. The library became a beautiful and lush garden of artificial flowers, an orchard for the visitors to enjoy, but which has a very different meaning for the artist. In fact, flowers are inert, metal, cold elements, since, in reality, are burned and molded CDs into the shape of the corolla of a flower. In short, those are the flowers that the artist received in the hospital when he was treated for a cancer that suffered some years ago. They are reminiscent of these gorgeous bouquets, full of good intentions, but that, however, to Keshta, simply had no life. Actually, what is the concept of 'life' for whom, precisely to save themselves, must undergo radiation and 'chemical attacks' to remove some cancer cells, paradoxically, full of life?

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